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Homesteading in the Oklahoma Land Run years, the J. Lloyd Ford family built their original log cabin in 1895. Preserved by his company, the landmark still stands today. The Mill he started in 1906 is a legacy to his insistence on quality products. He set the standards for Shawnee Mills, still operated by the third and fourth generations of the Ford family. Despite significant growth over the years, the company has never lost track of its roots.

At its core the values of Shawnee Milling Company remain:

A Tradition of Family Values

An Insistence on Quality Products

A Record of Dependable & Personal Service

An Offering of Consistent Value

A Family of Friendly, Knowledgeable & Dedicated Employees


These values have guided Shawnee Milling Company’s evolution into a large and sophisticated milling and mixing operation, determined to meet the demanding requirements of an equally sophisticated customer base.


The Food Division of Shawnee Milling creates a variety of flour, cornmeal, and baking mix products to meet the varied needs of our customers. The Shawnee Milling Flour & Corn Mill has the flexibility to mill a wide variety of quality wheat, while the corn mill relies on high quality yellow and white corn to provide a breadth and depth of grain-based products that very few grain processing companies can offer from a single location. Not only do we produce a wide variety of food products, the Shawnee Milling Feed Mill utilized the same high quality grains to product some of the finest feeds in the industry.


A large part of Shawnee Milling’s success is the result of a partnership between us and the hard working farmers who sell us quality grain and our valued customers. Our Grain Team is focused on buying the quality our customers require from producers who take pride in the quality the produce. If you’re looking for the best marketing alterative for your crop and a kind of personal attention from one of the milling industry’s finest company, please contact us, and let our staff of loyal employees prove to you how dedicated we are to the traditions J. Lloyd Ford started back in 1906.